JLab Earbuds Not Charging: 7 Fixes For All Model Types

Are your JLab earbuds not charging all of a sudden? While these true wireless earbuds boast excellent sound quality, cutting-edge technology, and unbeatable value, they could sometime run into some problems. 

From open-ear wireless to air tones, air pop, epic air, go air sport, and executive lineups, Jlab earbuds are so well-loved and highly preferred by many. Moreover, they have long battery life, dual connect options, and touch controls. They are highly affordable too!

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But, going back to our question: what if you find your perfectly pocket-sized Jlab earbuds not charging as expected? Let’s jump in and discuss why they might no longer be holding a charge. We will also look at 7 ways to fix this issue regardless of what model you have. 

Why are My Jlab Earbuds Not Charging? Common Reasons to Watch Out For:

Say, you are charging your Jlab earbuds, but the battery level is not going up and you can’t figure out why. Or perhaps, your charging case seems to be not working at all. In these cases, there are a few common things to look out for, including: 

  • If you’re setting up your Jlab Go Air earbuds for the first time, be sure to remove the plastic strips from inside the case. These strips are meant to separate the charging pins from their contacts and prevent the batteries from over-discharging.
remove the plastic or paper film before charging
  • If your earbuds and charging case are completely devoid of power, they may appear not to charge after plugging them in. However, they just need a bit of extra time. This can be really tricky to determine, so make sure to leave them plugged in for the length of time specified in the manual (typically 12 hours).
JLab earbuds with no battery charge
  • Daily wear and dirt can wreak havoc on devices over time. So, it’s important to check your charging case and make sure that it’s working properly. Make sure the charging port is undamaged, free from dust and debris, and the cable is in good condition. 

7 Methods For Fixing Jlab Earbuds Not Charging

Now that you’ve ensured that all of the basic steps are covered, you can start looking into more in-depth troubleshooting steps. Due to their similarities, each of the following steps can be used on any model of Jlab earbuds.

1. Clean Your Jlab Earbuds and Case

Dirt and debris build up over time, which can block the charging pins and contacts.

charging pins and contact points of JLab earbuds
  • Using a soft microfiber cloth or Q-tip, carefully clean both the case and earbuds, paying special attention to the pins and contacts. 
  • You may use isopropyl alcohol when cleaning, but make sure not to soak the item you’re using – just enough to make it slightly damp. More importantly, do not allow any to get on the pins or contacts. 
  • Repeat this step for the charging port on the case. 
  • If you notice some rust or oxidation on the pins or contacts, use a small amount of WD40 to loosen the buildup.

2. Try Another Charging Method

The issue may lie in the charging source rather than the earbuds themselves, so it’s always a good idea to rule out this possibility. 

Swapping one item at a time, try using a different charging cable, charging block, USB port, and a wall outlet to determine if any of them are faulty. Additionally, ensure that all cables are fully plugged in, with no loose connections.

charging cord of JBL earbuds

3. Update the Firmware of Your Earbuds

Firmware can be confusing to a lot of people who aren’t familiar with it, but it plays an integral role in the communication between pieces of hardware. Keeping it updated avoids glitches in communication and helps the hardware run smoothly.

  • Start by ensuring your earbuds are paired properly with a smartphone and that the phone has an active internet connection.
  • On the smartphone, open the respective app store of your phone’s brand (App Store for Apple, Google Play Store for Android, etc.). Then, search for the official Jlab Sound Companion app, which can be used to monitor and adjust your earbuds. More importantly, you will use it to check for firmware updates.
  • Check the app to see if your earbuds have a pending firmware update. If one is available, tap the option to download and install it. Then, simply wait for the process to complete.

4. Check for Abnormally High/Low Temperatures

Jlab earbuds use lithium-ion batteries, which are sensitive to very high, as well as very low temperatures, specifically while charging. To protect them, the circuits within the chargers have built-in cut-offs that activate at extreme temperatures to prevent charging.

  • The temperature of the charging case is what’s most important here, and is best measured by simply holding it in your hand. Prolonged use can cause heat to build up, making the case feel hot. Alternatively, cooler outside temperatures, such as those during winter, cause the case to become too cold.
  • If the case feels too hot or cold, the temperature will need to be equalized. The easiest way to do this is by disconnecting the case from the power and lightly squeezing it between your palms until the temperature feels normal.

5. Reset Software to Factory Defaults

Software glitches occur in even the smallest devices, earbuds included. So, knowing how to reset Jlab earbuds becomes necessary.

  • Starting on the device, or devices, you normally pair your Jlab earbuds with, open the Bluetooth settings. Then, unpair and forget the earbuds.
  • Place both earbuds in their charging case, then quickly tap one of them seven times, consecutively. You should see a blue indicator light blink 4 times.
  • Repeat the above step with the other earbud, watching for a similar blue indicator light.
  • Remove both earbuds from the charging case and take note of the indicator lights. One should glow solid white, while the other should alternate between white and blue.
  • Pair your Jlab earbuds with your device again to complete the resetting process.
JLab Go Air in Bluetooth

6. Replace Defective Parts 

If a single part, such as the Jlab left earbud is not working while the right is charging, then this part may be defective and in need of a replacement. Jlabs offers singular replacement parts for every model they carry. 

Rather than purchase an entirely new set, open your internet browser on any device and go to the Jlab Replacement Parts page instead.

7. Contact Customer Support 

When push comes to shove, the Jlabs support team is available to offer alternative solutions.

  • Phone: For U.S. support, call 1-405-445-7219.
  • Email:  support@jlab.com
  • Official Website: The Jlabs website is filled with support articles and helpful forums to provide you with additional information and guidance.


1. How Can I Tell If My Jlab Earbuds Are Charging?

You can tell if your Jlab earbuds are charging by looking for an LED indicator light near the charging port. When the earbuds are plugged into a power source, the LED will turn on and blink or remain steady, depending on the charging status. When the LED turns off and stops blinking, it means that your Jlab earbuds are fully charged.

2. What Do I Do If One Of My Jlab Earbuds Is Not Working?

If one of your Jlab earbuds is not working, there are a few steps you can take to try and troubleshoot the issue.

First, check that both earbuds are firmly attached to the charging port and receiving power. If the LED indicator is on, then your earbuds should be charging correctly. Next, try reconnecting your earbuds to your device by performing a Bluetooth reset.

You can also try turning off any nearby Bluetooth devices that may be interfering with your connection. If all else fails, contact JLab support for further assistance.

3. I Have Jlab Go Air Earbuds That Won’t Charge – What Should I Do?

a. Make sure the charging cable is securely inserted into both the earbuds and your computer or power source.

b. Try using a different power adapter or USB port.

c. Clean the charging contacts on both the earbuds and charging port with a soft cloth to remove any debris that may be interfering with the connection.

d. Check for any software updates and make sure your device has the latest version installed.

e. Perform a Bluetooth reset by turning off your device’s Bluetooth, then turn it back on again after 30 seconds to re-establish the connection between your device and earbuds.

f. If all else fails, contact JLab support for further assistance.

JLab earbuds Go Air

Problem with JLab Earbuds Not Charging, Solved!

Through convenience, quality, and affordability, Jlab earbuds made it at the top of the list for electronic audio accessories. These listening peripherals have become one of the top options for anyone looking for great sound on a budget. 

While charging issues can occasionally occur, there are many steps you can perform in order to keep your earbuds working at top capacity. Whether you ended up just cleaning the case, or replacing a part, we hope we were able to help you get your Jlab earbuds running just like new again.

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