About Troubleshooting Central

Troubleshooting Central is an IT knowledge base launched in 2019 with the aim to set new standards for online troubleshooting. We cut through complex problems and explain solutions in clear, easy-to-understand language.

Technical information is often scattered on the web, and readers have to assemble the full picture piece by piece from multiple sources when trying to solve any particular problem. We are here to change this paradigm. 

At Troubleshooting Central, we craft our recommended solutions to every problem based on thorough research and detailed analysis to ensure that we always provide the right answer to your question and that we do it in the most simple and efficient way.

Solving IT issues is great, but we take it one step further. Beyond troubleshooting guides, we also publish educational articles and technology reviews because we want our readers to truly understand technology, not just blindly follow tutorials.

Who we are

Troubleshooting Central is run by a small but diverse team of tech enthusiasts. We come from many different backgrounds – engineering, teaching, journalism – and the common thread that connects us is our passion for everything technology. 

We combine our years of hands-on technical expertise in the IT field with high-quality writing to create informative and engaging articles on a wide range of topics. There is no better proof that our approach works than the hundreds of thousands of readers who visit our site every month to find answers to their questions.

Editorial Guidelines

We take pride in the depth and quality of the articles we publish on Troubleshooting Central. We follow a robust publishing process with thorough research and multiple checks and reviews to create original, technically accurate, and easily consumable content for our readers.

Our writers are experts with many years of experience covering highly technical topics and making them understandable for all skill levels. All content is reviewed and professionally edited before publishing to ensure that the final articles are up to our strict standards. We check articles for technical correctness, style, grammar, readability, image quality, and much more.

Our reviews are independent, honest, and based on real product testing and research.

If you think any of our articles need improvement, please contact us.

Our readers say

“OMG! I have my laptop back. You are brilliant. Thank you so much.”


“Thanks a million! I tried many methods myself. Your method #8 worked for me.”


“Very good and thorough guide to step through all of the possible issues for this. Great with the screenshots too. Thanks for the helpful guide.”



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