What To Do When Snapchat Keeps Crashing on iPhone or Android

It often feels like just as when we are getting comfortable with a popular app or a new bit of technology, it starts to stutter, crash, and generally cause trouble. 

Case in point: while Snapchat is usually reliable to work seamlessly, a subset of users have been noticing that their Snapchat keeps crashing. This is understandably annoying when trying to respond to a friend’s snap, update your stories, or hop on a video call. 

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Unfortunately, both iPhone and Android smartphone users are experiencing this issue, even after updating the app. So, we’re going to explore what could be causing the problem, and then provide some step-by-step solutions that you can try to get Snapchat working again. 

What Does It Mean When An App Crashes? 

Before we dive into the potential causes of why your Snapchat keeps crashing, we will explore first what it means when an app crashes, and what it looks like. 

When we talk about an app “crashing,” we’re referring to a circumstance in which an app suddenly and unexpectedly stops working. You may be abruptly taken back to your device’s home screen, or worse, your smartphone may restart itself in response to the crash. 

Often, when you return to the home screen, the crashed app will be unresponsive. Meaning, it won’t open up again until you took steps to repair the problem. In some cases, this could mean deleting and reinstalling the app or updating its software. 

Rarely, this abrupt stoppage comes with an error message or dialogue box informing you what went wrong. But most of the time there isn’t a discernable reason given. Ultimately, having an app crash can be a frustrating experience for all users involved.

Why Is Snapchat Closing Every Time I Open It? 

Having a Snapchat that won’t stay open renders it practically useless. When a technical issue happens out of the blue like this, it’s always a good idea to try to get to the root of the problem. 

If your Snapchat keeps crashing, there are a few potential causes. These include:

1. You Have An Outdated Snapchat Version or Device OS  

If you aren’t routinely checking your applications for updates, or your device isn’t set to update apps automatically, you may have an outdated version of Snapchat. This also applies to your phone’s operating system. If you haven’t updated your current OS to the latest version yet, it may no longer be compatible with your updated version of Snapchat. It could crash on startup or with prolonged use. 

An outdated system or app version can cause various errors, and this is not exclusive to your Snapchat app. For instance, you might experience your Instagram’s DM feature not working, or any other errors if the version of your Instagram app is not up to date.

2. Your Device Doesn’t Have Enough Memory

Every application you run on your phone utilizes a portion of your device’s memory. If you have too many applications running in the background, Snapchat may not be able to draw enough memory and thus closes upon opening. 

This can also be the case if you leave the app in “standby” mode, and move away from it to open up other apps. When you refresh the connection, your Snapchat may crash upon opening. 

The easiest way to fix this is to uninstall some applications that you no longer use. You can also free up some storage space, or stored images and videos in the cloud. 

3. You Have a Weak Connection to Your Network 

If you have a weak connection to your internet network, Snapchat may also keep on crashing. This is because the app is struggling to communicate with its servers. Moving to an area with a stronger network, or rebooting the app may help. 

4. You’re Using a VPN

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a great way to protect your online privacy and security. Unfortunately, it can also cause issues with certain apps like Snapchat. This is because the encryption used by the VPN can interfere with the app’s authentication process, resulting in it crashing or failing to load correctly.

5. Running Unauthorized Third-Party Tweaks  

Using unauthorized third-party tweaks on Snapchat can have many unwanted consequences. While these tweaks may offer a few extra features that the official version does not, they can also cause serious issues like crashes, bugs, and loss of data. Moreover, these unauthorized tweaks can sometimes make your device vulnerable to malicious software or hackers.

6. Your Account was Hacked

While this is rarely the case, if your account gets hacked, malicious activity on the app may disrupt normal functions. This causes the app to close every time you try to open it.  

7. Snapchat’s Servers are Down

If the servers are down, Snapchat keeps crashing because it’s unable to connect to the backend. This means it cannot load content from the server and can’t work properly. 

10 Methods to Fix Snapchat Keeps Crashing (Works on Both iPhone & Android Systems)

If you’re ready to get back to snapping, here are some methods that could help resolve the issue of Snapchat crashes on either iOS or Android devices quickly and easily:

1. Update All Software – On Your Smartphone and Snapchat

When there is a new update for your smartphone, you should get a “push” notification so that you can update it right then and there or schedule the update for a later time. However, if you never scheduled the update, this could be why your Snapchat keeps crashing. 

To update your phone’s OS to the latest version, do the following: 


  • Settings → System → System Updates → Check For Updates. 
updated Android OS


  • Settings → General → System Update → Check For Updates.
software update in iPhone

2. Using a VPN? Deactivate It 

VPNs are fantastic for securing your privacy while surfing the web and utilizing applications. However, the fluctuating IP addresses used to keep you anonymous can cause Snapchat to crash on opening, or fail to work at all. 

You may want to deactivate or NOT connect it when trying to use Snapchat to see if this is causing the problem. If it is, you may need to uninstall it completely. 


  • Settings → Network & Internet → More Connections/VPN (scroll down to find it) → Choose VPN Profile → Disconnect. 
  • Relaunch Snapchat to see if it will open and not crash. 


  • Settings → General → VPN/Device Management → VPN → Click Arrow to Disconnect. 
disconnect VPN on iPhone

3. Force Close All Open Applications 

If your Snapchat just crashed and it only did so once, you could just try refreshing the application by forcing it to close along with any other applications you have open and then relaunching only Snapchat.  

force close apps on smartphone


  • On newer smartphones like the Google Pixel 7, just hold the white bar found on the bottom of your home screen to get the “App Switcher” to pop up. From here, swipe up on all apps to clear them.
  • On older smartphones like a Samsung S8 Edge, tap on the “App Switcher” button in the bottom right-hand corner of your home screen. Then tap on “Close All” or swipe them individually upwards to clear them. 


  • Double-tap your home button or, swipe up and hold the bottom of your home screen.
  • In the “App Switcher” menu, hit the clear all button or individually swipe up on all open apps to close them.

4. Restart Your Smartphone

Another straightforward solution to try is to simply restart your smartphone. This will refresh both your device’s and the app’s connection to your network. 


  • On older models of Android smartphones, hold down the power button found on the side of your phone, then click the power off button or the restart button to restart the device.
  • On newer models, pull down the quick menu from your home screen by swiping it down on the top of the screen.  Find the power off button in the lower right-hand corner. Choose to power off or restart. 

iPhone X+

  • Press and hold the power button and volume button simultaneously until you get the power off slider to pop up.  Then drag the slider to the right to power down your iPhone. 
slide to power off iPhone

Older iPhone Models:

  • On older models, hold down the power button on your phone’s side, then drag the slider to the right to power down your iPhone. 

5. Update Snapchat From Your App Store

Another really simple solution is to check the App Store on your smartphone to see if Snapchat has an update for it. If it does, then update the app and restart your smartphone to see if it stops crashing.  

The steps for this are basically the same for each smartphone type:

  • Launch App Store/Google Play → Search for Snapchat → Find It → Hit the Update Button. 
update snapchat in Google Play

If your Snapchat keeps crashing after an update, then refer to the other methods in this list. 

6. Reset Your Smartphone’s Network Settings

Resetting your network settings will reset all stored connections, such as previously connected Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices. This process can help stop Snapchat from crashing, as it allows you to start fresh and reconnect to a stable connection.


  • On newer models: Settings → System → Reset Options → Reset WiFI/Mobile/Bluetooth.
reset network settings on Android
  • On older models: Settings → General Management → Reset → Reset Network Settings.


  • Settings → General – Reset → Reset Network Settings → Enter Passcode → Confirm Reset Network Settings.
reset network settings on iPhone

7. Clear Snapchat’s Cache Files

Clearing the cache files can free up some space on your device and ensure the app will run smoothly. This process deletes all temporarily stored data from previous uses of an app. If your Snapchat keeps crashing, this action can prevent it from happening in future uses. 

Android (do this in your Settings):

  • Settings → Apps → See All Apps → Find Snapchat → Storage & Cache → Clear Cache. 
clear Snapchat cache on Android

iPhone (do this in App or Settings)

  • Open Snapchat → Click on Profile Icon → Settings → Account Actions → Clear Cache. 
  • If you can’t open Snapchat on your iPhone, then you can also try clearing the cache in your settings. Head into your Settings → Storage → Find Snapchat → Clear Cache or Delete & Reinstall. 

NOTE: Regularly clearing cache files can help your device to run smoother and faster. It helps remove corrupt files that bog down your smartphone or computer. If you also want to know how to wipe out the cache partition on an Android phone, check out our tutorial for that by clicking on the link. 

8. Delete Third-Party Connected Apps

Permitting that your Snapchat isn’t forcing close itself when you open it, you need to remove all unauthorized third-party apps that are connected to your profile. 

  • Open Snapchat → Click on Profile Icon → Settings → Connected Apps Under My Account → Remove All Third-Party Connected Apps. 
release all third-party connected apps
  • To remove, simply click on the connected app, and a remove button will appear at the bottom of your screen to confirm the removal.

9. Enable Background App Refresh for Snapchat

Enabling background app refresh for Snapchat will allow the app to run in the background. In this setting, it can still receive updates and notifications even when you are not actively using it. If your Snapchat keeps crashing or malfunctioning, this could be due to data not refreshing. 


  • Settings → Mobile Data → App Data Usage → Find Snapchat in the List → Tap On Snapchat → Toggle On Background Data. 


  • Settings → General → Background App Refresh → Toggle On Background Data for Snapchat.
background app refresh in iPhone

10. Delete and Reinstall Snapchat

If your Snapchat keeps crashing even after you’ve tried all of the other methods in this list, you may need to delete the app and reinstall it. 


  • Settings → Apps → Click on Snapchat → Uninstall. 
uninstall snapchat on Android
  • Go to Google Play and Reinstall. 


  • Hold Down Snapchat on Your Home Screen → Click Uninstall. 
uninstall snapchat on iphone
  • Go to the App Store and Reinstall.

NOTE: While you could run a factory reset on your smartphone if all other methods have failed, we don’t really recommend doing this for a singular app. 

This course of action will require you to back up all of your data as they will be completely wiped off your phone. Then you’ll have to re-load the backup files onto the phone. However, this doesn’t guarantee to solve the problem (Snapchat keeps crashing) once and for all, especially if it’s a bug with the app’s coding. 

Snapchat Keeps Crashing Issue, Resolved!

You just learned the common causes of Snapchat app crashes, as well as the steps you can take to solve the issue. If you’ve tried any of the solutions in this guide and found success, please let us know by leaving a comment. 

We’d love to hear from you and your experience with resolving Snapchat crashes. Be sure to share this helpful troubleshooting guide with friends and family so they can get their Snapchat up and running again.

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