PS4 DNS error: What it is and how to fix it

PlayStation 4 (PS4) is an incredibly popular console with nearly 100 million gamers still playing on this generation of PlayStation. If you face DNS errors on your PS4, you are not alone. PlayStation users commonly report this error, and there are multiple known error codes and solutions. If you’ve never dealt with a DNS error before, read below to learn what a PS4 DNS error is and how to solve it.

What is a PS4 DNS error?

All devices that connect to the internet have an IP address. Your IP address is a numerical tag that is used for identification and addressing. IPv6 is the current internet protocol used to assign IP addresses. IPv6 uses 128-bit addresses, which solved the issue of limited available IPv4 addresses left. 

When your computer, with its own unique IP address, attempts to access a website, it uses a DNS service. DNS, or Domain Name System, maps IP addresses to domain names. For example, when you open a browser and enter the domain name “,” your computer is trying to find the server’s IP address that matches that domain name. 

PlayStation 4 also uses a DNS service to connect to the internet and access game servers and the PlayStation Network. On PS4, DNS errors can appear with the following codes:

  • NW-31253-4
  • NW-31254-5
  • NW-31250-1
  • NW-31246-6
PS4 DNS error example NW-31253-4

What might cause a PS4 DNS error?

DNS errors are commonly caused by issues on the users’ system. For example, your network or internet connection may be having problems, or your DNS settings may be misconfigured. You can also have DNS issues because of a bloated cache or outdated browser. 

Sometimes DNS errors can be caused by a server outage, but you can rule this out by visiting the PlayStation Network’s Service Status page. 

Quick tips

Much of the solutions that involve network issues can be resolved by very simple fixes. Before you work through the recommended solutions in the next section, you should try these quick tips and fixes. 

  1. Connect to the same Wi-Fi or LAN connection using another device, make sure the problem doesn’t follow to the other device. 
  2. Restart your PS4 and router, allowing the router to remain unplugged for 5 minutes. Leaving it unplugged allows all electricity from the capacitors to dissipate, clearing all temporary data on the device.
  3. Factory reset your router. Look for a reset button (it may require a thin pin to access). Warning: Only do this if you understand how to set up your router again. 
  4. If you use a second router or switch, remove this intermediate device and connect directly through the router. 
  5. If other household members are also having issues connecting to the internet on other devices, the issue may lie with your ISP. Contact your ISP to check for a known outage and report the problem. 

How to fix a PS4 DNS error

According to other PS4 users, the solutions below are effective at solving DNS errors. You can perform two of these solutions within PS4, but the last solution requires the use of a third-party device. These solutions can help fix any of the error codes (NW-31253-4, NW-31254-5, NW-31250-1, NW-31246-6) highlighted above. Each error code signifies a slightly different backend issue, but the solutions are often the exact same. 

1. Manually configure DNS settings on PS4

In the first solution, you need to configure your DNS settings manually. This solution can solve any of the specific error codes (NW-31253-4, NW-31254-5, NW-31250-1, NW-31246-6) listed above. PS4 only stores or remembers one network connection, so to forget your old settings, you just need to set up the connection to your Wi-Fi or LAN again. 

There are a few reasons you may want to change your DNS settings manually. DNS settings are typically set automatically by your ISP, and some ISPs have less than stellar DNS servers. DNS servers can also be attacked by cybercriminals, causing connection degradation. Changing your DNS server to a public option can restore your service. 

To manually configure your DNS settings, follow the steps below on your PlayStation 4:

  1. Turn on your PS4 and navigate to Settings. 
PS4 Settings
  1. Select Network and then Setup Internet Connection.
  2. You will need to select either Use a LAN Cable (Wired) or Use Wi-Fi (Wireless) connection.
Set up internet connection
  1. When it asks “How do you want to set up the Internet connection? select Custom.
  2. Under IP Address Settings, select Automatic.
  3. Select Do Not Specify for DHCP Host Name.
  4. Now under DNS Settings, select Manual. 
Manual DNS settings
  1. Enter one of the DNS server options below:
Change primary and secondary DNS settings to fix a PS4 DNS error
  1. Leave the MTU Settings on Automatic, and the Proxy server setting on Do Not Use.
  2. Try reconnecting to a game or service to see if the DNS error is resolved. 

If this solution fixes the problem, then you know that the previously selected DNS server was the main problem. Thankfully, there are excellent public servers that are available for use. We have covered the best DNS servers for PS4 and PS5 in a separate article. Check it out for more details.

2.  Disable your router’s firewall temporarily

The PS4 DNS error (NW-31253-4, NW-31254-5, NW-31250-1, NW-31246-6) may be triggered because of interactions with your firewall. Most PS4 use takes place at home, but if you are using your PS4 on a private network that you don’t control, you will need to contact the system administrator or owner to solve this issue. 

More than likely, you are on your own home network. A separate router equipped with a firewall is most common. You need to configure your firewall. You can connect to your router by copying the IP address listed on the router. Alternatively, you can plug your PS4 or another computer directly into the router. If you use any ISP services that may block incoming connections, like Parental Control, you may need to contact your ISP to have them disable this service. 

Here are the general instructions on how to turn off your router’s firewall temporarily. The actual steps will vary across different brands, but this will get you started.

  1. Log into your router’s settings page. You can do this using a PC, Laptop, or even a mobile device. You will need your router’s IP address (Default Gateway) which is usually listed on the router. 
  2. Enter the router’s IP address into the address bar of your browser and press Enter. 
  3. You may need a username and password to log in. These credentials will be on your router, or your ISP provided them during installation. 
  4. Search through the menu page for words like Firewall, Security, WAN Settings, Filter, or Packet check. The exact setting name will be different depending on your router. For example, a LinkSys router will have the Firewall information under the Security tab:
C hangeLinksys Smart WiFi security settings to fix a PS4 DNS error
  1. Once the correct setting has been located, disable the firewall and make sure to Apply or Save the change. 
  2. Check on your PS4 to see if you can connect as intended.

3. Check port numbers

You disabled your firewall in the solution above. If this fixed the PS4 DNS error, but you want to turn your firewall back on for protection, this solution may help. 

TCP allows larger packets of data to be sent across the internet. IP data packet transmission is imperfect, and TCP can help by re-requesting packets that failed to arrive correctly. The PlayStation Network servers use specific ports to communicate with your PS4 device. You can tell your router to leave the required ports open and stop the built-in firewall from blocking them.

This way, you will be able to re-enable the firewall while still solving the PS4 DNS problems.

  1. Turn on your PS4. Navigate back to the Settings and select Network again. 
  2. Click View Connection Status
PS4 connection status
  1. Write down your IP address, DNS, Default Gateway, and subnet mask.
  2. Return to your computer. Repeat steps 1-3 from solution 2 to log in to your router’s admin interface. You will need to return to your router’s configuration page to make port forwarding changes.
  3. Look for a setting that says Port Forwarding or Ports. This option may reside under NAT settings.
  4. The port numbers below are used by PSN servers and need to be open:
    • TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480
    • UDP: 3478, 3479
Set up port forwarding to fix PS4 DNS errors
  1. You will need to forward those ports to the IP address you wrote down from your PS4. 
  2. Once this is complete, save the port forwarding changes and exit your router’s configuration page.
  3. Attempt to connect to the PlayStation servers on your PS4.

PS4 DNS error (NW-31253-4, NW-31254-5, NW-31250-1, NW-31246-6) resolved

DNS errors on your PlayStation 4 can be a major drag. To get you connected as quickly as possible, start with the quick solutions at the beginning of the article before diving into the three main solutions. You can usually resolve DNS errors on PS4 by changing your current DNS server to a public DNS server like Cloudflare’s or Google’s. If that doesn’t solve your problem, you can disable your router’s firewall or use port forwarding to make sure the correct ports needed for PSN are open. Let us know in the comments which solution worked.

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