Top 12 Facebook Marketplace Alternatives in 2023

Facebook Marketplace is part of the social media site now called Meta. This online marketplace grew in popularity as it provides merchants a free and convenient way of reaching tens of thousands of consumers to advertise and sell their products and services. 

In other words, it’s a fast and easy way to develop an e-commerce business using the premium tools they provided. Three major perks of using this online Marketplace are

  1. It reaches so many people!
  2. It is easy to use.
  3. It’s free!
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Users can quickly and easily search for items to buy, as anyone with a Facebook account can list almost anything they can legally sell. Whether they have leftovers from a garage sale, clearing out their attics, or are wholesaling/retailing brand-new items.

Sellers love it because it is free to use and highly convenient for selling bulky items locally that would otherwise be pricey to ship. Items can be delivered, picked up, or sent through a parcel or courier service. Heck, you can even buy and sell vehicles on the FB Marketplace.

Downsides of Facebook Marketplace

As popular as this online selling and buying platform is, it has some downsides too, such as

  • No buyer or seller protection policies.
  • No digital store for more secure centralized online transactions.
  • Algorithms make it challenging to get noticed.
  • No vetting of buyers and sellers, which leaves interactions open to potential scams or dangerous exchanges.

Any of these factors may turn away both buyers and sellers from the FB marketplace and look for alternative sites to purchase or sell. So, we did a little digging for alternative marketplaces you can check out.

Top 12 Facebook Marketplace Alternatives

While Facebook Marketplace appears to draw in a lot of buying and selling activity, other sites similar to Facebook Marketplace exist. Check them out to see which ones fit your style and selling or buying needs.

Just remember that other similar apps or selling sites are not entirely immune to potential scams and dangerous meet-ups. It is always best to employ precautionary measures when meeting someone face-to-face to sell or buy an item. Before signing up to use a different marketplace, ensure you understand the platform’s rules.

Safety Tip: Any site that encourages buyers to meet a seller for pick up or completion of transactions, can make you vulnerable to unsafe meet-ups and nefarious activities. Always arrange face-to-face meetings with strangers in a public location with security cameras or with a local police station nearby. Many prefer porch pickup options or shipping instead.

Note: Most sites allow you to sell a wide range of items but also have certain restrictions on what is allowed or disallowed on the platform. Make sure you read the user policies before attempting to sell.

The following are our 12 top picks for Facebook Marketplace alternatives:

1. eBay

ebay - facebook marketplace alternatives

Many online sellers already know about eBay and probably alongside Facebook Marketplace and other selling sites. While the eBay platform is already a household name, you may need to learn more about what it offers.

Some of the pros of eBay include:

  • You don’t have to ship everything. A local pickup is an option, which is convenient and beneficial for selling oversized or bulky items. However, if you decide to ship items you listed for sale, eBay offers shipping discounts when you purchase postage through their site. 
  • Its reach is massive. If potentially reaching multi-million users appeal to you, know that the platform offers more than 142 million buyers in 190 markets worldwide.
  • The eBay platform is well-established and has been an online buying and selling option for nearly 3 decades now, or long before Facebook started.
  • The site is exceptionally organized. The eBay site and app offer numerous categories to buy and sell from.
  • The eBay platform provides buyers and sellers with high-level security and protection against fraud. 
  • eBay allows you to list items in an auction or a buy-it-now format. 

One downside to eBay is that they take various fees. So, it is not a completely free site.

2. Mercari

mercari - facebook marketplace alternatives

Mercari offers an online marketplace similar to Facebook Marketplace. Their motto is: “Say ‘goodbye’ to the things you’re no longer using and ‘hello’ to delightful new finds.”

Some of the positives to using Mercari include the following:

  • The platform reaches millions in the United States, the UK, and Japan.
  • You can use the site on a laptop or desktop PC, or download the app to a smartphone.
  • You can list your items for local pickup, ship them yourself, or outsource them to Mercari to manage.
  • Sign up and list for free. Pay a 10% commission on any sales.

3. Craigslist

craigslist - facebook marketplace alternatives

The name Craigslist may conjure up worrisome thoughts of scams and dangerous meet-ups. But, the platform does work well, provided you take precautions when meeting a potential buyer.

Some of the perks of Craigslist include:

  • The platform offers a classified marketing site that started as a USA-based company but is now known in every country. So, there is potential to meet an international audience.
  • While Craigslist is currently online, the concept developed long before the internet or smartphone apps were widely used. Since it’s been around for a while, most people know about it, and many users search the site when they want to buy or sell unique items.
  • The site breaks listings down into sections such as Items Wanted or Services, allowing you to search for or list items in a correct category.
  • It also offers tools to help identify trends and marketing insights.
  • Buy or sell a wide range of items.
  • Most users find the site easy to navigate.
  • You don’t have to pay a fee to list your items.

One possible downside is that some users dislike how buyers often want to negotiate the price before closing the deal. Another negative mark is that the platform doesn’t offer shipping discount options.

4. OfferUp

OfferUp - facebook marketplace alternatives

The OfferUp app allows users to instantly connect to buy and sell almost anything at no cost. The platform recently grew in terms of the size of its operation and market reach, especially after acquiring LetGo, another popular online marketplace.

The OfferUp platform allows you to:

  • Sell your items online or meets up with buyers in person.
  • The app is locally or regionally based, so any meet-ups are nearby.
  • When the buyer arrives, they first examine the item and can bring along a third-party witness before making a payment transaction.
  • One unique aspect of OfferUp is that the app recommends a list of safe meeting places near public spaces or police stations.
  • The app also uses a badge system for safety and to avoid potential scams. The badge system encourages buyers and sellers to verify their identity or confirm their phone numbers. 
  • If you choose to ship your items, the buyer pays for shipping and receives a prepaid shipping label. 
  • The buyer also pays a $1.99 or 12.9% online sales fee, whichever is higher.

5. decluttr

decluttr - facebook marketplace alternatives

This app makes selling tech, games, DVDs, cell phones, or books fast and easy. Instead of connecting buyers with sellers to arrange meet-ups to close the deal, decluttr buys the items directly from you, the seller.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download the decluttr app at no cost.
  • Use your smartphone to scan the barcodes of items you want to sell or enter the device’s model number.
  • Sell tech gear and video games to earn cash, even if the item is not pristine.
  • Instantly get a fair price quote.
  • Package the item and drop it off at a shipping location to finalize the sale.
  • The decluttr platform covers the shipping costs.
  • As soon as the item arrived and is accepted at the warehouse in good working condition, decluttr deposits your earnings through PayPal, check, or direct deposit the next day.
  • If you are unhappy with the price or decide you want your item back, the platform guarantees a refund and return.

6. Recycler

recycler - facebook marketplace alternatives

As the name implies, Recycler takes used items and gives them a second life. The recycling or upcycling approach is what makes this platform different from others. It only allows secondhand and worn items in specific categories.

Recycler allows sellers to:

  • List secondhand and used goods that fit into many categories.
  • List vehicles, houses, clothing, household items, or whatever item you have that still has a second life left in them.
  • Buyers and sellers communicate by sharing contact information through the secured site.
  • Make arrangements to meet up and finalize the sale.

7. Nextdoor

nextdoor - facebook marketplace alternatives

Nextdoor is a web-based app that connects local neighborhoods. Also, use the platform to sell and buy various new or used items, as well as services to or from people nearby. Nextdoor goes beyond what Facebook Marketplace can offer by connecting those looking to hire or find local work or services like dog walking, babysitting, plumbing, or cleaning.

Some of the benefits of using Nextdoor for selling or buying items include:

  • Safeguards are in place to ensure no bots or fraudulent users engage in buying and selling from the site.
  • Nextdoor uses secure software to connect sellers with buyers.
  • The search feature allows users to pinpoint what they want to buy.
  • Nextdoor offers free listings for sellers.
  • They do not reduce the image quality of the product shots you upload.
  • The platform offers a discount feature to increase sales.

8. Poshmark

poshmark - facebook marketplace alternatives

While the platform once allowed clothing items only, it now lets you sell almost anything. The platform has a vast user base and approaches sales through a social media style setting. Gain followers, receive rating stars, and watch your sales grow.

Here’s how Poshmark works:

  • Selling on Poshmark is as easy as creating an account, uploading pictures, writing a product description, putting your item in the correct category, and setting a price.
  • Users in Australia, Canada, and the United States buy and sell items on Poshmark.
  • Once you make a sale, Poshmark provides sellers with free shipping labels. Or, choose the option for package pickup for free.
  • Once the buyer receives the item and accepts it, the funds appear in your account that you can deposit to your checking account or use it to purchase items on Poshmark.

9. VarageSale

VarageSale - facebook marketplace alternatives

It’s like a virtual garage sale! VarageSale allows you to sell used items without the hassle of sponsoring your own garage sale. The site allows you to list items for sale without worrying about strangers trapesing through your property.

Here’s how VarageSale works:

  • Buy or sell various things, including unique items that go beyond the scope of clothing or personal care products.
  • VarageSale is free to use with no selling or buying fees.
  • Join communities nearby in the app to search for items and get a feel for how the app works.
  • When a buyer is interested in an item listed, the seller receives a notification and then uses the chat option to message the buyer.
  • You engage in sale transactions through secure communication with the potential buyer.

One possible downside is that you will need to connect your Facebook account for verification or sign up through email if it’s preferable for you.

10. Rakuten

rakuten - facebook marketplace alternatives

Rakuten allows individual sellers and retail businesses to list items.

The platform works like this:

  • Buyers and sellers from about 30 countries, including the United States, interact through the platform.
  • The design creates an easy-to-navigate app that even those who have never sold before find helpful.
  • Customize your storefront how you like.
  • Rakuten provides excellent support and various tools to help sellers achieve their goals.
  • You have the opportunity to earn cash back when you purchase items on Rakuten.

11. Swappa

swappa - facebook marketplace alternatives

Swappa offers a niche-style marketplace dealing solely in electronics and tech gear such as cameras, laptops, smartphones, video games, or watches.

The platform allows you to:

  • Sell new or used items, but any previously used product must be in excellent condition and working order.
  • Link your account with PayPal to get paid.
  • Opt for a Trade-in by uploading a picture of the gear you want to sell, and receive an instant price quote.
  • Sellers pay service or payment processing fees and shipping.

12. bonanza

bonanza - facebook marketplace alternatives

Bonanza offers fantastic customer service and is extremely easy to use. Their motto is “Find everything but the ordinary.” 

The platform features:

  • A customization feature to suit your specific selling needs.
  • The platform does not charge listing or monthly fees to host a store.
  • You pay nothing until you make a sale, in which case, you will pay a 3.5% commission fee.

Worthy Alternatives to Facebook Marketplace!

While Facebook Marketplace offers a vast audience of potential buyers, it does have a few drawbacks that cause users to look for other options. We have listed 12 Facebook Marketplace alternatives for those looking for other possibilities. 

Most sites or apps work similarly, but each offers a unique concept and user interface. Find the alternative that works best for you.

But who knows, Facebook is constantly innovating and introducing new features and services. Over the years, they’ve given us the messenger app, Facebook video, and just most recently, a dating app. So, maybe, we will see some changes in the Facebook Marketplace in the near future that would make us want to stick with them.

If you enjoyed our list of Facebook Marketplace alternatives, please drop a comment below or share with us your buying or selling experience. 

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