Fixing the err_address_unreachable error in Google Chrome

Are you seeing the err_address_unreachable error pop up when you try to access websites in Google Chrome? This frustrating error code can appear for a number of reasons, which we will go into in this article.

If you’re hoping to fix this error on your own, we’re here to help. Below, we look at the ways in which you can perform operations that might solve the err_address_unreachable error on Google Chrome.

What is the err_address_unreachable error?

The err_address_unreachable error is very common on Chrome when you’re using a Windows PC. When you see this error, it’s most often because the Domain Name System (DNS) contains an error that’s preventing it from being able to load web pages using the host.

When you have this error, it will look like the image below:

err_address_unreachable error Google Chrome

The heading of the error message screen will either say “This site can’t be reached” or “This webpage is not available”.

What causes the err_address_unreachable error?

Though the err_address_unreachable error is common, there can be a number of reasons as to why your browser is showing the error. Let’s look at the biggest reasons as to why the err_address_unreachable error might be appearing on your screen:

  • Your router is old or not functioning properly, causing requests to be inaccurately submitted to the appropriate ports.
  • Your proxy settings are interfering with your computer’s requests.
  • You’re trying to access a private page while using a public network.
  • Your server is not connecting to the proper ports and cannot handle server requests.

While this error often occurs simultaneously to internet connectivity problems, this isn’t always the case, as you can see.

7 ways to fix the err_address_unreachable error

While you can sometimes resolve the err_address_unreachable error by simply rebooting your PC, sometimes, this easy fix doesn’t get rid of the error. In this case, you will need to attempt to troubleshoot your computer to get Chrome working again.

Without further delay, let’s discuss how exactly you can fix the err_address_unreachable error on Google Chrome.

Clear your browsing history

We’ll start with the easiest and fastest potential solutions. Clearing your browsing history may provide you with the solution you need to finally access important websites using Google Chrome. Here’s how you can clear your browsing history on Google Chrome:

  1. To access your browsing history box, you can either click on the three-dot icon at the top right of your browser or hold down these three buttons to launch the dialog box: CTRL + SHIFT + Enter.
  2. Once there, you will need to access the Advanced tab menu. This will show you an option to clear data in your browsing history.
  3. Select the boxes for “Browsing history” and “Hosted app data.”
  4. Then click on “Clear data.”
Clear browsing data in Google Chrome

Close and then restart your browser to see if this solution is a success. If not, carry on to the next potential solution.

Reset your modem and/or router

If your WIFI is the problem, resetting your modem can sometimes do the trick. You might also consider replacing an old one, as that could also be a potential cause of the err_address_unreachable error.

Simply unplug your modem from the wall for at least one minute, but preferably for 3-5 minutes. Make sure all lights are off during this time, and then reconnect the cable to the wall and allow the internet connectivity lights to turn back on before testing Chrome again on your computer.

Alternatively, you can reset your router. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the router and find the small hole that is at the back. It will likely be labeled “Reset.”
  2. Using a small pin, press the hole for a few seconds. This will reset your router.
  3. To complete the resetting process, use an Ethernet cord to access the router address that is most likely labeled on the back of your router.
  4. Then, enter the connection details provided to you by the ISP to gain access to the internet.
Resetting a router

Go to Chrome and then see if the error message is gone.

Reset the TCP/IP

If the above two options have not solved your computer error, you can also try resetting the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, also referred to as the TCP/IP. This protocol is responsible for the communication between two different computer networks, and can thus be interrupted on your computer’s end, which in turn causes the err_address_unreachable error to occur.

To fix any potential problems in the TCP/IP mechanisms, you will need to access the Command Prompt and do some administrator tasks. Here are the steps on how to do this:

  1. Either press the Win key on your keyboard or select the Start Menu and search for cmd.
  2. From there, right-click on the result titled “Command Prompt.”
  3. Then, choose the option “Run as administrator.”
  4. Now that you’ve accessed the Command Prompt, you will need to run the commands listed below, pressing Enter after typing each one to get it to run:
    1. ipconfig /flushdns
    2. ipconfig /registerdns
    3. ipconfig /release
    4. ipconfig /renew
    5. netsh winsock reset
TCP/IP reset

Clear Chrome’s DNS cache

Are you still seeing the err_address_unreachable error? You can try clearing the DNS cache in Chrome as your next step. This cache is similar to an address book. It’s saved in your computer to help it find IP addresses of past visited sites that have changed their servers.

As such, it can cause some confusion in the case of a site switching to certain servers, so clearing the cache can help fix this miscommunication.

Here is how to clear the Chrome DNS cache in your computer:

  1. Go to the Chrome browser.
  2. In the “New Tab Page” type chrome://net-internals/#dns into the address bar. It will take you to a page such as the one in the image below.
Clear host resolver cache in Chrome
  1. Once here, find where it says Clear Host Cache, and click on the button.
  2. After you’ve cleared the cache, relaunch the Chrome browser to see if this is the solution that finally does the trick.

Change the Protocol DNS settings

On a similar note, sometimes clearing the DNS cache isn’t enough. In this case, you will need to change the actual protocol of the DNS.

  1. Press the Win key on your keyboard or select the Start Menu and search for ncpa.cpl.
  2. Look for the item option labeled “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).”
  3. When you find it, select this item, then click on the button called “Properties” as seen in the arrow in the image below.
  4. From there, you will need to manually choose the DNS servers provided here: Preferred DNS server as and Alternate DNS server as The right side of the image below highlights how this manual input will look. You will also want to set the IP as automatic.
  5. After selecting “OK,” open your browser and type in some websites to see if the problem has been solved.
how to change IPv4 DNS

Disable your antivirus software

If restarting Chrome after changing the DNS settings doesn’t resolve the error, you can try disabling your antivirus software.

It’s a known fact that antivirus software, like McAfee or Norton, can interfere with the normal mechanisms within a computer. As such, one of the last things you can try is temporarily disabling your antivirus software to see if the error disappears.

Depending on your computer, how you go about disabling the software can differ:

  • For Windows 8 and 10: Press the Windows key and “X” key. Next, go to the Task Manager and click the Startup tab. Right-click on the antivirus software and click on “Disable.”
  • For older Windows versions: Click on the start button and then type “System Configuration” into the search bar. Hit enter, and then click on the Startup tab to deselect your antivirus program.
  • For Macs: Go to Applications, then select -> Systems Preferences-> User Groups-> and Login Items. From there, you can deselect any antivirus programs.

Once done, reboot your computer to check if the error has been resolved.

Remove Chrome Extensions

Another potential reason your computer may be showing the err_address_unreachable error when you try to access Chrome is due to Chrome extensions you’re using. An easy way to rule this one out (or possibly fix the problem) is by going into Incognito mode of Chrome. Incognito uses private browsing settings that don’t store or use browsing history or extensions.

Chrome incognito mode

To check if your extensions are causing the problem, try opening the web page in Incognito. If your web page happens to open up without the error, then you know it’s an extension at fault.

You will need to go to chrome://extensions to manually uncheck each extension and run the page to see which one is causing the error.

What if my computer is still showing the error?

You’ve tried all of these common troubleshooting tricks, but Chrome is still showing the Err_Address_Unreachable Error. Now what can you do? A few other tricks you can try include changing your browser or reinstalling Chrome.

However, if you want to use Chrome, or the reinstallation doesn’t work, you might want to contact a computer specialist to further troubleshoot the root causes of this error.

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